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Bring in and retain the best employees with these three important job features.

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There is no getting around it. With the advent of efficient online collaboration tools and priority changes in a culture-conscious workforce, we are entering a new era in the career market. Pre-covid, only candidates were required to prove their worth and sell themselves. The prevailing attitude of many employers was, "We'll just hire someone, and they'll work 60 hours per week, "this" is what we'll pay them, and they'll be happy to have a job." 

While it is still important for candidates to sell themselves and show their work, companies have to sell themselves to the candidates as well these days. We can't just be on the other side of the desk taking notes and say, "We'll get back to you." If you want to land the best talent, you've got to give candidates something that they want. Here is a look at three important job features potential employees are looking for in a new position.

  1. Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance has quickly become one of the most important factors influencing a candidate's decision to accept or decline a job offer. In fact, candidates today are more interested in work-life balance than pay, promotion opportunities, or anything else. (The others are still important, just not top of the list)

  1. Location Independence

There are a lot of companies out there that are stubborn, and they say, "No, we're getting back to the office!" But some of the best candidates on the market today work hybrid or remotely and can be just as productive. As a result, potential employees are looking for hybrid work locations. If it's a possibility, companies need to consider offering that because it's just what the candidates of today want. Doing so will help them be more competitive in the market. 

  1. Company Culture

We have all heard about the benefits of strong company culture by now. Businesses with a well-defined identity and values tend to attract better candidates and maintain higher retention rates as a result. However, these mainly benefit the corporation. Great candidates increasingly value culture because they want to feel that they belong in an organization. This extends from mission and vision to objectives and expectations. Additionally, good company culture is a key indicator of healthy team dynamics. Offering this kind of environment is a sure way to bring on some of the market's best talent. 

Like it or not, great candidates have choices in today's job market. They want to partner with companies that align with their values and offer healthy, flexible work environments. In my experience as a recruiting professional at Spartan Capital Group, these three vital components could be the difference between an acceptance letter and a missed opportunity with a potential hire.

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