Growing your Organization through the Great Resignation, Part 2: Hiring

Practical Strategies for Hiring during the Great Resignation

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Practical Strategies for Hiring during the Great Resignation

In part 1 of this article, we walked through important steps to ensure that your retention rate is steady so that you are not losing employees faster than you can hire. 

Now, we shift our focus to the growth component: hiring. 

Normally, employers seek to fill a position knowing that there are ample professionals to fill the role. During the era of the Great Resignation, the pool of candidates is noticeably smaller, and finding the right candidates isn’t as easy as it once was. This puts pressure on your hiring process, making it more difficult to meet the demand of your organization. 


For the purposes of improving your hiring process during the Great Resignation, we will key in on the specific areas that will make the most impact. 

Here are the 4 Keys to Hiring during the Great Resignation: 

  1. Reset your mindset

If recruiting has been a struggle for you recently, it is tempting to blame it on the present circumstances and form a negative mindset. As a leader, recruiting starts with you. The job market is changing daily. Your attitude and mindset around recruiting will play a huge role in determining your success or failure. 

  1. Review your hiring needs and set a goal

Without a goal, it is impossible to quantify success or failure.

In working with our clients, we’ve observed that “businesses who are growing during the Great Resignation and steadily hiring have leaders who establish and communicate their hiring goals.” said Kurtis Hine, Founder and CEO of Spartan Capital Group.  

Your hiring managers and human resources team understand the staffing needs of your business and can help determine a solid recruiting goal for the quarter or year. 

  1. Analyze your internal recruiting process and staff

Are your managers and HR staff too overloaded to drive the hiring process? We hear from many hiring managers that they only have the time to post a job and hire from the candidates that apply. Their inbox is often flooded with unqualified applications that bog down the hiring process. 

Utilizing proactive recruiting techniques involves reaching out to employed talent, establishing relationships, and inviting their interest in open positions when they are available. Many organizations do not have the bandwidth to do this internally. This is where specialized recruiters, like the professionals at Spartan Capital Group, can partner with hiring managers and human resources teams to find exceptional talent and deliver a smaller pool of highly qualified candidates to choose from. 

  1. Share your mission and message

Those that are looking to make a career change are often disenfranchised from their current employer or industry. Social media and PR efforts are an opportunity to share your company’s mission, vision, and values. When the message is consistent across your website, social media and your job description, it can affirm their interest in your company and encourage them to apply. This also allows candidates who are not aligned with your mission and may not be a good fit with your company to self-select out of the hiring pool.

While the Great Resignation may seem alarming on the surface, it is also a great opportunity to add excellent members to your team. As employees in today's workforce reflect on their values, their employers, and their desired roles, focusing on these 4 Keys elements will amplify your hiring efforts and attract the right talent to your organization.

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